Returns and Refunds
Returns and Refunds
Q1. How to apply for a change or return?
[Updated on 16 Jul 2021] In accordance with the implementation of Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) in 34 mukims in Selangor and 14 localities in Kuala Lumpur for 14 days, please be informed that our return policy has been slightly adjusted.

Returns can be submitted on our website from the day you have received within 7-days-return-period and arrange to mail out after submission.

However, please take note on the followings:

1. STRICTLY NO SELF-DELIVERY is allowed and NO OUTSIDER is allowed into our building. Only contactless delivery is allowed.
2. Driver may hand the parcel over to the security guard or leave the parcel directly into the box by the gate.
3. Should there be no guard or box by the gate, please ensure to contact us at +603-7932-5555.
4. Should there be any delivery failure, senders are responsible for tracking and redelivery.
5. We hold no liability whatsoever for any damages caused to return parcels upon delivery.

Rest assured all returns will be refunded in accordance with normal return process. Yet, please expect some delays due to EMCO restrictions. Thank you so much for your understanding.


In order to simplify and speed up the process of delivering products for customers, Girl's Monday does not provide exchange service, we only accept return of products within period of 7 days . Detailed instruction can be found here
If you need a different size for the same item, please place your order again.
After receiving goods which is not in the right size, please apply for return online within seven days and return the goods within following three days. Only a refund will be possible, please refer to [Instruction on Return of Product] operation instructions for the operation method of return service. 

Q2. What is the meaning of return only, not exchangeable? How does it work?
In order to minimize the time taken for customers to receive the item, the method of returning the inappropriate/defective/wrong item is adjusted to “return only”.
Customers are encouraged to make a new order to shorten the amount of time for delivery should they still desire for the inappropriate/defective/wrong item from the previous order. Girl's Monday will refund the logistics cost of the previous wrong order. 

Girl's Monday does not accept the exchange of a product, only return (as in refund). Under the circumstance of inexact size and an exchange is required, please apply for a return and place a new order for the desired size of the item. 
Please note that the postage fee is yours to bear if it is a non-defective return.
If there is an additional item you wish to return within a period of seven days, please inform our customer service ONLY BEFORE your pack of return items is shipped out. Otherwise, no further application will be entertained. To avoid any future disputes, please make sure you check the items you would like to return thoroughly BEFORE shipping out. 
※Items that were purchased on Malaysia website can only be returned to our warehouse (please refer to our [Pickup Delivery] page), please strictly follow the instructions or additional fees will be charged and deducted from the refund.
Q3. Method of refund and refund period

1. Promo codes / E-vouchers cannot be re-issued and are non-refundable. If you return an order which was placed using Promo codes / E-vouchers and does not meet requirements for Promo codes / E-vouchers, the final refund amount will be issued after deducting the Promo codes / E-vouchers amount.
2. If you have placed an order and received a free gift along with purchase, this should also be returned in case you want to return your order in full. If the net order value of the item(s) retained meets the requirements for [Free Gift] campaign, you may keep your free gift. If the net order value of the item(s) retained does not meet the requirements for [Free Gift] campaign, the value of the free gift will be deducted from the total refund. Value will be stated on campaign post on our Facebook page.
3. To qualify for free shipping, the net order value after returns and cancellations needs to be equal to or above the required amount. If the net order value of the item(s) retained is below the required amount, the waived shipping fee will be deducted from the total refund. Please refer to [Calculation of shipping fee] to learn more.
Q4. What is an online account?
The email account you log in to Girl's Monday member is equivalent to the online account (please check when entering email).
The member account and password are the privacy of the members and are for personal use and enjoyment only by members. They cannot be borrowed, transferred, or shared with others.
Once you have canceled your paid order, you are required to contact our customer service for recording the return. The amount of refund after your return will be credited back into your online account as " Saved Payment Balance" in the next 7-14 working days upon receival of return. (Processing period may be delayed up to 7 working days due to FMCO/EMCO restrictions)
After you receive the email notification of the refund, please proceed to check the relevant information by logging in to the "My Account" on Girl's Monday website.
If you do not have purchase requirements, for the time being, we advise that you complete the "Request for refund" to have the amount return to your bank account after receiving the refund into your Online account.
Please refer to the [Online Account] instructions for use to request for a refund.
Please allow up to 21 working days to process after submission.

Q5. Is it possible to make a new order with the refund amount?
If the refund for the returned items has not been processed, the amount for the new order made can not be deducted directly.
Q6. Under what circumstances that product is non-refundable?
1. Items purchased exceeding the period of seven days.
2. When returning, the accessories are not complete or the tag has been removed (please return all packaging accessories along with the product).
3. Products with obvious traces of use, damage or contamination, powder, or makeup traces will not be accepted for returns.
4. Pierced jewelry, lingerie, and socks are not refundable.
5. Modified products are not acceptable, such as embroidered, cut, printed, etc., Girl's Monday product not in its original states (please confirm the product before modifying).
6. Gifts are not refundable.
7. Promotional Items are not refundable.
8. Not the case of defective items:
※When the product is washed, problems such as fading, shrinkage, dyeing, breakage, deformation, embellishment damage, rust, and pilling (caused by friction after use) are not included.
Kind reminder:
Please remember to wash it separately from other clothes for the first time. Do not use bleaching agent to soak the clothes.
※Pins, loose stitches, untrimmed thread ends, sew buttonhole, loose buckles, small stains (buttons, pendants, tailoring marks are not considered as stains) are not included. 
※The products are manufactured in separate batches, there will be a slight difference in color and size, the difference will be within 3cm.
※To remove the odor caused by commercial fabric dye, please dry it in a dry and ventilated space for 3~5 days.
※Color difference, uneven brush color, brush color might differ from the display photo on the official website. Difference in website pictures, material, texture, thickness and understanding are not included.

If return does not meet criteria, Girl's Monday has no responsibility whatsoever to assist on keeping the item(s). Please make sure to claim your item(s) within 14 days after being notified by our customer service team or item(s) will be forfeited, strictly no further complaints will be entertained.
Q7. About the return handling rules of additional fare purchase
※If the total amount of purchase does not meet the amount listed for additional discount after refund, the discounted goods will be sold at original price.
※If the goods purchased are the same items as your additional purchase, when a return demand is generated, the goods of additional purchase will be the priority for return confirmation.
Refund Amount = Total Amount of Return Items - VIP discount (if any) -Shipping fee (if any) - Promo Code Discount (if any).

*Girl's Monday reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.*
Q8 Can the Saved Payment Balance be refunded to personal bank account for Singapore buyers?
For Singapore buyers, the refund of Out of Stock Items/ Cancelled Items/ Non-defective & Defective Return Items will be refunded as member's account Saved Payment Balance. If you prefer to have the Saved Payment Balance refunded to your personal bank account, you are required to provide details of a Malaysia local bank account. Please ensure the bank account details are correct. If the provided details is not accurate leading to failed transaction, the Saved Payment Balance amount will be kept in your Girl's Monday member's account for future purchases. Please make sure you have read through all policies before making purchase. By purchasing, you agree to all the policies stated. Girl's Monday will not be responsible for any dispute arising therefrom.
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