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An aesthetic lifestyle is covetable for every lady. But do you know that it is built with little things and accessorization is a significant aspect to build one? When you pay attention to your personal style, when you feel great with your look, your confidence and beauty will exude from the inside out! Here is the UGLOW Jewel-Line dedicated to 365 days!




Daily accessories emphasise particularly on minimalistic, modest and practical designs. They are neat to wear everyday while ingeniously manifesting a clean flair. The perfect pick to represent the iconic daily style definitely goes to ‘Premium 14K Series’. Fundamentally produced with S925 sterling silver base in upscale 14K gold plated, first and foremost it is hypoallergenic and durable. Meanwhile the delicate lasting glow greatly elevates day-to-day look. Mini but extraordinary, dainty but aesthetic, they are literally for every day and every you (especially a work-appropriate choice)!






Though less is more, yet when it comes to ceremonial events, an outfit without accessories gives a feeling that something is missing. Remember dressing up appropriately shows respect to the event, as well as yourself. Such occasion is then a showtime for noticeable and classy accessories: dangling earrings, colourful gemstones etc. Sometimes you only need one piece to complete a posh attire if it is chosen right. Well, it is also a way of interpreting ‘less is more’.





No matter how fashion evolves, vintage or retro will always be an unfading trend. Retro fashion is often seen with profound colours, totems, abstract patterns or unique shapes. While we give it a refresh by incorporating trendy metallic/daily staple touch such as golden chain and cotton scrunchie, so the designs are more than just occasional options. It’s time to reimagine your retro pieces.






You can call seasonal edition a limited edition too (we know how irresistible ‘limited’ sounds)! But the current festive collection which was launched specially for X’mas is not limited to any year. Designed with evergreen elements in humble size, these festive items surprisingly fit nicely into usual days. One of the mismatched stud earrings ideally fulfill unique and fashionable taste which you can put on either one side or mix and match them with others!







The common distinguishing features of Western style would be clear-cut shapes and lines with visually strong presence. It is one of the reasons that many shy away from Western-style accessories. You shouldn’t be one of them because Western-style accessories are in fact an impeccable match to basic outfits. Chain necklace on plain tee or big hoop earrings with white top and denim jacket, chic magazine looks are as simple as that. Remarkably most of our accessories have adjustable feature from bracelet’s length to ring’s width!







Adopting refreshing hues and adorable elements, these sweet designs are super adorable but absolutely not childish, hence effortlessly capturing the hearts of girls to ladies. Smiley, star, ribbon…they are not only looking good on doodles or journals, they can be a highlight to your outfit radiating innocent charm. The little girl in you deserves them!



Accessories do not have to be tricky. You glow even brighter with the individuality that suits you. Discover your glow with UGLOW Jewel-Line.