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1.For promotion discount, when the number of order does not meet the required amount, the single item will be sold at its original price. The offer cannot be used in combined orders.
2.Before confirming order, please refer to the size chart and fitting report of product. You will have a better idea of the suitable size and to prevent choosing the wrong size leading to return of the product and losing the chance to enjoy our offer.
3.To ensure a pleasant purchase experience, Girl's Monday will only accept return of products, products are not exchangeable once sold. If you wish to change the product due to wrong size, kindly apply for product return before making new purchase order. Available offers cannot be combined.
4.You acknowledge that adding an item to your shopping cart, you're not committed to buying it, and until you have paid, items in your cart are still available to other buyers. Since a lot of item is sold in limited quantities, there's a good chance an item could sell out or turn into restocking item before you complete your purchase.
5.Girl's Monday reserves the right to change the product and terminate the event during promotion periods.
6.Before you shop, please make sure you have read through our shopping policy, which can be refered to this link .