|| Lazy Jumpsuit ||
Take A Chill Pill And Kill The Casual-Chic Look

Lazy Jumpsuit . . .
APR 7 ,2023
The mysterious, visually slimming colours
Combined with the slim fit
Gives you a more petite body shape
Also makes your waist look super slim

The most classic and versatile shade
You can't go wrong with it

If you're looking to get one for the first time
Why not try out this easy-match colour first?

A pure, clean, relaxing and pleasing hue
Slightly more elegant than pure white
Milk tea-like mildness with a touch of sweetness

Showing a more feminine elegance

Showcasing an elegant, contemporary ambience
A gray tone in between black and white
Giving you a matured and refreshing look

Without losing style and feminine appeal!

Charmingly refreshing, serene and calming
Ideal for those who
fancy a young, energetic style

Follow GM
And express the younger you this year!

A romantic elegant aura

Radiates from the sweet pink colour
Instantly makes good impression
Exudes a sweet atmosphere of love

A noble mystique

Creating a romantic, lovely and chic outfit
With a light touch of purple
Never fails to work with other outfits!

Calm, pleasant and refreshing
A colour that will brighten your skin tone a notch

Boosting your confidence without worries!

After all the introduction and special colours in our Lazy Jumpsuit Series
Aren’t you excited to get one?
We’ve got all the colours for you!
What are you waiting for?
Buy the ones to your likings to try out
And come back for other colours if you like!

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