|| Old Western Denim ||
The Old Western Collection is Coming!

Old Western Denim . . .
01 Sweet Denim Girl
Made of thin denim fabric
Make it cooler to wear without burden
Embellished with ruffle trim
Create a romantic fall atmosphere
Showcase the sweetest and most elegant look!

loose fit is easy to wear
without restricting your body shape.
A must-have to hide inconfidence.
The must-have suede fabric for fall
Soft and comfortable, non-itchy or stuffy to wear

Elastic waist design
to create a perfect figure
Drapes naturally with a
casual drawstring

With a large hoodie to match
The must-have outfit for fall is complete!

02 Casual Denim Girl
All the way from
late summer to fall and winter
can wear
Simple and skinny denim suspenders
Easy to match

Wear alone for a lively and playful atmosphere
You can wear them with a sleeved top underneath when it's cold
It is a different style again

Elasticated waist
Naturally shows the perfect curve

Folded pants hem
Can also achieve the effect of trimming the leg line

The classic that never fails!
Timeless vintage look

Denim suit is definitely a closet must-have!

Wide fit tops
It’s suitable to be worn alone or as a small outerwear!

In the early autumn slightly cool daily
Even better!

Underneath with Denim shorts
The length of the pants is just fine, so you can wear it without any insecurity.
Whether you wear it as a set or mix and match
It is fashionable and versatile

Cool girl's fashion sense
Lightweight and soft denim tops
Not too heavy, without burden
Showcase the attitude of Denim

Embellished with silver buttons at the collar
Slightly open neckline for a casual look
Elastic waist design
Slimmer belly and makes it more stylish!

03 Chic Denim Girl
Double-row studded button design
Showing off the chicness of a fashion girl.
Peak lapel design
Naturally trim the neck line
Exude a simple elegance to it

Denim vest is an excellent daily wear
With piping design.

Gives you a different style of Denim
Relaxed fit sleeves give you slim arms
All-season versatile model
It is the best!!!

Tired of wearing boring denim jackets?
How about some
gradient fashion sense?

Using a mix of light and dark blue colors
Interweave a slightly sweet and elegant style!

After reading so many western denim introduction
Do you also want to turn into a

In a stylish and casual fashion?

This fall, you can also change the style
Join GM now
To own your own piece of Denim!