| Spring Blooms x New Arrivals |




Seasons change and so do fashion. Well, our season may not differ much but the seasons change does reflect on our fashion. When the Spring breeze is blowing, you can spot brighter and fresher elements, basically everything you feel about Spring in the new collection to put the liveliness back to your wardrobe. Let’s get into the low-down on what you should try this Spring.



Although outer appearance couldn’t and shouldn’t fully represent your professionalism, there is no denying a positive impression matters. Whether you need a smart blazer or classy shirt that is hassle-free crease-resistant; or polite printed bottoms and ladylike blouses that suit your smart casual dress code, we’ve got everything for you. And, as you may be spending a long time of your day at work, comfortability is a crucial point that you should look at. Made of zero-burden and skin-friendly materials that are ideal for our tropical weather, we’ve got you covered too!




Casual Tee

After getting off work, sometimes all we need is a me-time with a nice meal, a favourite show and a cozy tee to chill in. The Spring’s new casual tees are definitely your off-duty buddies. You got trendy graphic tee to add edge to your outfit or minimalistic tee with a touch of aesthetic calligraphy. Still, remember that putting on tee doesn’t have to be purely for lounging needs, the tees work just fine for your fashionista moments too. All in all, we’ll never say no to tees.




One-to-Two Piece

No matter how seasons change, packed or lazy days always exist. Here is where the ultimate fashion hack—one, two to three-piece comes to the rescue. They complete your outfits with minimal styling and matching skill needed, put-on-and-go is not a fashion caption anymore. This season, we have Spring’s must-have floral and sweet babydoll dress, also sophisticated ribbed and laid-back hoodie set for every taste, just to name a few trending picks. What’s not to love about these effortless wonders?




Denim is a strong series of our spring edit that you shouldn’t miss. Besides true classic denim styles, we take denim to a more exciting level with innovative colours, mix patterns, contrasting embellishments etc. Whatever you desire, denim can bring out your personality and attitude without looking like you are trying too hard. Get either the fresh coloured denim shorts or cool vest with labels for your Spring’s fashion debut.



Another season in the year, another round of new styles to own. Together let’s get prettier!