|| Dreamy Date Outfits ||
Ultimate Guide to the Dreamiest Date Outfit!

Dreamy Date Outfits . . .
JULY 27 ,2022
Dreamy Date Outfits
Valentine's Day "Dating Outfits" Special
Wear your daily pieces to create a "sweet, elegant and slightly spicy" date outfit!
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Tweed means alright-y!
A slight chic colour scheme in a fine blend for a comfortable and breathable fit
Small folded sleeves for a
French elegance

Mesh piping
for a layered look!

Straight-pressed stretch fabric with a slight-gloss finish for a comfortable, slim fit
Stylish lapels for a
smart and chic
A thin belt adds shape to the waist
Definitely your
go-to dress!

Smooth twill fabric for
cool comfort

Wide straps with mesh for a slightly sheer, elegant look
Stretchy elasticated waist to enhance the shape of the waist
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Made in Taiwan.

Stretchy, soft, wide ribbed cotton for a comfortable fit
Knotted heart collar creates a high waist and visually enhances the bust
Small fishtail hemline for a
romantic and elegant
A must-buy for sure

Lightweight and delicate straight chiffon yarn, comfortable and supple to wear
Detachable pearl shoulder straps for an elegant little mermaid look
Double ruffle collar for a
romantic look

A sweet and feminine touch, this is a great little dress for

Thin, smooth chiffon fabric for cool comfort
V-neck, loose fitting short dress, suitable for all body types
One-piece waist-tie
adds shape to the waist
French elegance with princess sleeves
Classic black and white gingham fabric for a cute, white look!

Stretchy waffle print knit for comfort and ease of wear
Relaxed fit for all body types
Black and white striped piping for a chic look
Gold button pockets add a touch of

Your must-have dating look!

Smooth, textured chiffon fabric for cool comfort
Asymmetrical strapless design
Small side wrinkles and ties add shape to the waist
Your perfect option for
dating looks!

Smooth cotton material for a comfortable fit
Elasticated waist with full stretch lace for a perfect fit on all body types
Eyelash lace design for an elegant look
Thin inner lining for a secure fit!

There’s no way to not get a lovely bag to date, right?
Here’s the shoulder bag with large pearl handle for an elegant look
Small cloud-shaped bag for basic needs, light and elegant on the go
Smooth zip closure for easy access to your belongings
A concealed compartment for cards and other small items!

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